The Egyptian god MIN was the first god of the universe. He was the creator of gods and men.


During the rainy season, the Nile river watershed would bring all of the nutrients, from up stream, down into Egypt flooding the lands around the river. Egyptians were depended on the Nile river to fertilized their fields so that they could grow the crops that they needed to survive. The Egyptians needed a god to ensure that the rain came each year as expected. The Egyptians assigned MIN to the role of the god of fertility.


When the Egyptians drew hieroglyphics, how would they represent the god of fertility? The Egyptians decided to depict MIN with an erection. Some people indicate this represents male fertility and not the fertilizing the land that the Egyptians depended on.


When deciding on a company name, our founder was taking a university class entitled The Art of Ancient Egypt. This class was an elective towards a degree in Earth and Space Exploration. Who better to represent the company than the first god of the universe.